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Too much

Postby Dave Pugh » Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:09 pm

As a teacher, I was one of the first in the building to embrace e-mail rather than always phoning home. I was one of the first to put lessons on powerpoint. I have done more with Moodle than anyone in the district. I've got google folders out the wazoo. I excel at excel. BUT -- I got glossy eyed and completely overwhelmed looking at the amount of social media and internal data and records in Oscar's presentation.

We spend all kinds of time putting together spreadsheets on students, giving them tests, recording their progress. What happened to team meetings where we met with each other face to face and with students personally? Oh - that's right - at team meetings we open our laptops and look at data.

We have gazillions of entries in social media so we have a positive reputation to fall back on when something negative happens. Something negative that happens because someone posts something on social media that goes viral and upsets people (dance line). What if we had such a feeling of community built by shared experiences and conversations that when trouble came we could lean on each other instead of our 2500 facebook friends?

How many blogs and tweets and pinterest pages do I need to view in order to engage my students? Yes, I can get some great ideas, but spending three hours looking at 300 ideas isn't going to help. I can't remember more than 3-5 great ideas at a time.

Sergiovanni says we now have an emphasis on "doing things right" rather than "doing the right things." I believe the over-emphasis on information and electronic communication is an example of this misplaced emphasis.
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Re: Too much

Postby HeatherLyke » Sun Feb 28, 2016 12:49 pm

In one of my opinion essays--the one focused on how best to use technology in the world of Education--I talk about this very thing. One individual I refer to in my paper is Sherry Turkle, who at the Aspen Ideas Festival did a presentation titled 'Who Do We Become When We Talk to Machines?'. It really addresses some of these concerns that you and I both seem to have.

If interested, you can hear her presentation here: ... s_presents

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